Logistical support of the Economics and Management department

The staff of the Economics and Management Department uses the lecture rooms and classrooms for conducting seminar classes, computer classes, as well as the library with a reading room, and the museum of Rudny Industrial Institute in the educational process.

All computers on the local network have access to the Internet. Students have access to the Internet when having classes in educational and computational halls in the frameworks of the disciplines requiring such a need.

All the classrooms meet the needs of the educational process and allow the staff to organize a high-quality educational process that meets high requirements.

The working environment of the Department complies with the sanitary rules “Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the content and training conditions of educational institutions of technical, vocational and higher professional education”, approved by order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 594 of 03.08.10.

At the Economics and Management Department during the implementation of the Economics and Management Educational Programs, there are 3 classrooms 404, 435, 432 equipped with interactive whiteboards, multimedia projectors, 2 laptops and 1 computer; 1 equipped computer class No. 406, equipped with 10 computers (Pentium IV, 2007) with 19-inch LCD monitors connected to a local area network and connected to the Internet, the services of which all employees and students use for free and without time limit. For scientific research, the Department of Management Economics has the necessary infrastructure, which includes laboratories and equipment for educational and research processes. 406 classrooms are equipped with an interactive panel.

Prepared educational and methodological support for the developed modules. Special IBM SPSS Statistics software is widely used in the educational process of students of economic specialties of the Institute. This software allows to conduct situational analysis, hypothesis testing and reporting, which simplify data management, selection and application of analysis methods, and also allows the collection, storage, display, editing and analysis of spatial data. Working with this software allows students to acquire the skills and knowledge of modern programs with which specialists of multinational companies work, which significantly increases the competitiveness of the Institute graduates.

The Center for Innovative Technologies and Technical Training Aids annually monitors the sufficiency and modernity of the information resources used by educational programs. Programs are purchased at the request of the department as necessary.

For the implementation of research work at the Institute all the necessary conditions have been created – access to information sources is provided, organizational and legal support is provided, material and technical resources are allocated.

Examination of the results of research, theses, plagiarism is carried out using the free version of the online program, located at: http://text.ru/antiplagiat/unauthorized, the results of which are reflected in the protocols of the department.

The Institute has a library, an electronic reading room, free access to Internet information resources is organized, access to scientific electronic publications of Thomson Reuters, to electronic full-text resources of the Springer database of the Springer Customer Service Center on-li is provided.

In the implementation of the OP “Economics”, “Management”, for the quality teaching of students, the availability of a fund of educational, methodological and scientific literature in the library of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in the Hall of Electronic Information Resources and at the department is of great importance.

The formation of a fund of literature in the state and English languages is under special control. The literature fund in the state language is 27%, in English 13% of the total fund, of which 92% are educational and scientific literature. There is an active replenishment of the fund of educational literature in the state and English languages./p>

The library writes 51 titles of periodicals, of which 33 are Kazakhstani and 18 are Russian publishers; including in Kazakh language 16 editions. The literature fund is supplemented by electronic training programs, educational, training and methodological documents and is 22,280 units.

Provision of disciplines of specialty curricula with literature on digital media is 98%.

The library fund of educational literature as a whole meets the requirements of higher education programs.

The operational planning methods adopted by the university ensure that the EP Management provides a high level of availability and accessibility of academic support for students, including providing students with information and reference materials and methodological materials necessary for mastering the educational program

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