Research activity of electric power and heat power Department

Scientific work of the department is presented by the following scientific sectors:

– “Energy saving, control and accounting of electric power” (head of the department, professor HK Khabdullina);


-” Electrotechnical circuitry “(supervisor, assistant professor, Barilin AV);

– Mechanic-researcher (supervisor – senior lecturer, Aidarkhanov AM, associate professor, Altynbayeva GK)

From 2009 to 2017 teachers have spent 50.5 mln. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan carried out the following topics on grant financing:

– Integrated energy-saving technology based on the rational use of renewable energy sources. Habdullina Z. K.;

– On the basis of introduction of renewable energy sources energy saving in industry and housing and communal services, supervisor prof. Habdullina Z. K. ..

– Development of energy-efficient methods of optimization of operating modes of power supply systems for reduction of power and load losses, docent Khabdullin A. B .;

– The project was performed by the Kazakh National Technical University. K I. Satpayev “Undertaking optimization for introduction of new information technologies in underground mining”.

The results of the research were presented by the Department from different competitions such as MES, Chevron, Science, and Spiritual Radicals, and awarded diplomas I, II and III degrees, from 1998 to 2018, more than 30 works were awarded: Kugel S. , Korolev A., Barmin a, Vinogradov V., Bulah M., Polusmyk P., Sininuk M., Ismagilov G., Dushkevich Y., Nemyatov K., Chernenko a., Yanganov A., Khabdullin A. B., Nugumanov According to the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from December 20, 2013 № 1370 PRESS-RELEASE, Momysh A. С., Мahsuthan А. S. Kinayatov E. Galymov Е. B., Ibraev S., Sadyrbek N., Edigeev A. A. S. Sadrbekov A. Project Leaders: Khabdullin B., Barulin I., Habdullina Z. K., Altynbayeva GK

“Elevator Stroy Montaj” LLP, “Zhalyn-A” LLP, “NPC Asar” LLP; “VEG”, “Kostanay Zholy” LLP has completed the contractual work on the following directions: “Development of project documentation on object Lenin 189”, “Calculation of active energy consumption at the facility”; ” maintenance of industrial safety expertise in the part of technical inspection of hoisting unit “;” Research on determination of reliability of pumping equipment of “Varvarinskoe” LLP; “Relay at LLP” Daeg “in Kostanay”; “Energy audit of objects”.

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