Day of Languages of people of Kazakhstan

img_8828September 22nd is declared the Day of languages of people of Kazakhstan by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Members of the club «Kazakh tilinin zhanashyrlary» organized an intellectual competition «Til – bizdin tiregimiz, sogyp turgan zhuregimiz» in the museum of Rudny Industrial Institute in the framework of celebration of the Day of Languages of people of Kazakhstan.

The participants were students enrolled in engineering study programmes. The competition consisted of 4 rounds. The aim the game was to support and develop multi lingual education.

Multi lingual education is one of the main areas of human development. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine people speaking native language only. Actually, there are no countries in inhabited by representatives of only one nation. Multi lingual education promotes adequate functioning of any multinational state.

Students demonstrated their proficiency in English, Russian, Uzbek and French. They showed their musical talents, played musical instruments, sang and danced, performed their own poetry between the rounds.

The 1st place was awarded to «Alash Orda» team, 2nd place to «Energy» team, 3rd place to «Ulan» team and 4th place to «Zhalyn» team. Zhasulan Turganbekovich Alpysbayev, the Vice-Rector for educational work, congratulated all students and guests and awarded the participants with certificates.


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