Department of construction and construction materials science


Miryuk Olga Aleksandrovna

Acting Head of Department of construction and construction materials science , doctor of technical sciences, professor

E-mail: psm58@mail.ru


The Department of construction and construction materials science (CaBMS) is the successor, which absorbed the work and experience of many generations of the teaching staff of the Rudny industrial Institute. The Department of CaBMS was formed in 2009 as a result of structural changes in the Institute and the gradual consolidation of previously existing departments, as well as the consolidation of additional specialties:
– 2009 – unification of the Department of construction materials science and standardization and the Department of construction;
– 2010 – consolidation at the Department «CaBMS» specialty «Design»;
– 2012 – consolidation of the specialty «Technology and design of light industry products» at the Department «CaBMS».
Training of specialists for construction has been carried out since 1964. A great contribution to the development of the specialty was made by teachers who worked at the Institute at different times: candidates of science Melnik V., Kosykh A., Gvozdev Yu., Shapoval I. , Zevin A., Yushkov S., Ulychkin G., Muratshin F., Horoshilov J., Nurmagambetov I., Aubakirov T., Aldabergenov K., Tungushbaev I., Shaimukhanbetov K., Dukart A., Jenalinov N., Toichubekov I., Maull P., Yunusov M., Oleinik A., Shamov V, Akhmedov K.; senior teachers Zhangisin Zh., Kazakova L., Yablonskaya I., Tananykina L., Lavrichenko V., Pigalova Z., Burdakova O., Dergunova E., Syrova N., Gurievskaya G., Yunisova S. and many others.
Training in the specialty «Production of building materials, products and structures», products and structures was started in 1991 thanks to the initiative of the doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Akhmetov I.(rector of RII in the period 1984 – 2004). Formation and development of educational-methodical and material base of the specialty was carried out with the participation of doctor of technical Sciences, Professor karibaev K. K. (rector of RII in the period 1981 – 1984), candidates of technical Sciences Ivanova L., Miryuk O., Rustemov I., senior teachers Mukhamedzyanov D., Tungushbaeva G., Subotyalova V. and others.
Training of specialists for the garment industry in the specialty «Technology and design of light industry products» was organized in 1996. Training in the specialty «Design» has been conducted since 2008. The development of professions was facilitated by senior teachers of Reimchen E., Solomin L. Kadnikova O., Kiryakova S. and others.
Prospects of the Department of «CaBMS» in the development of close integration of educational innovations, science and practice.


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