Material base of the Department of construction and construction materials science


The material and technical base of the Department is formed taking into account the directions of educational activity. The Department has premises in the main and laboratory buildings with a total area of 1500 m2, including 1200 m2-premises for the educational process.


Premises for educational process

Purpose of the room (room)


Total number
Laboratories (107/108, 151, 152, 1/106, 1/306, 1/308) 6
Studios (243, 324, 2/108/2) 3
Specialized offices (109, 321) 2
Computer class (401) 1
Methodical offices (104, 317, 1/301) 3
Lecture halls with interactive whiteboard (149, 321) 2
Classrooms (310, 312, 1/303, 1/311) 4
Showroom (1/305) 1
Specialized class of KNAUF (206) 1
KNAUF workshop (1/222) 1



The Department has 6 laboratories.

To improve the quality of the educational process and the level of scientific research, laboratory equipment is systematically updated. Since 2012, more than 40 items of equipment and devices have been purchased for the laboratories of the Department for a total amount of more than 25 million tenge.


The main specialized premises of the Department

Number Name Purpose, list of main equipment
107/108 Research and training laboratory of binders and compositions It is intended for research of conditions of preparation and properties of building mixes of various structure and appointment with use of the mixing devices providing regulation of a mode of mixing.

Main equipment.

A set of devices for determining the properties of binders (cements, gypsum, lime).

Set of devices for determining the properties of soils.

Top-drive agitator.

A drill-mixer for construction suspensions

Stirrer МЛ-2-01 with heating.

Drying Cabinet СЭШ-3MK.

Electronic scales.

151 Research and training laboratory of technological processes and devices Complexes of the equipment allow to model technological processes of production of construction materials and works, to investigate influence of technological factors on a condition of materials and character of construction production.

Main equipment.

The mill – activator Emax.

Mill-crusher is a vibrating cone ВКМД – 6.

Jaw crusher.

Ball mill.



Screening machine AS 200 control.

ФСХ– 6K photocedimentometer

Microscope metallographic МБС -10.

Drying Cabinet LOIP LF.

Electronic scales KERN 440.

Electric furnace СНОЛ 8,2 /1100.

Steaming chambers.

152 Research

and training laboratory

material test

It is equipped with devices and testing machines to determine the physical and mechanical properties of materials at various stages of construction production.

Main equipment.

The device is a compression desktop ПКП -10.

The device desktop ПСД-40.

Hydraulic press ПГМ -500MG.

Press «Щелкунчик» МП -1000.

Electronic concrete strength meter ИТП-МГ 4. 01.

Heat conductivity meter ИТП-МГ4.

Ultrasonic thickness gauge.

Vibration platform

Set of devices for determining the properties of concrete mixtures.

206 Specialized

the class of modern

construction technology

Created with the assistance of the international production company KNAUF for research and development on dry construction technology, effective methods of finishing works. Normative documents, training video courses and visual AIDS actively expand the possibilities of studying modern technologies of construction production.

Basic equipment.

Sets of special tools.

Samples of building materials.


243 Design studio Designed to perform design projects. It is decorated with stands, models, works of students.
321 Class of building structures It is equipped with models of building structures and individual units.
324 Drawing and painting Studio It is intended for performance of art fine works. Equipped with easels and special tables, decorated with models, models and other means.
401 Specialized

computer simulation class

The availability of modern software products allows you to completely switch to the methods of computer design, modeling of building structures and processes and effective methods of strength calculations; provides the construction of drawings of clothing models of any complexity using visual programming technology.

Computer programs provide architectural and construction design based on BIM-modeling, preparation of design estimates: Lira CAD. Construction mechanics in the radius finite element method. Demo version of SCAD. Revit. Advanced Steel. AutoCAD 2016. «СМЕТА РК 2016». КОМПАС-3D V18.Renga. CAD «Дизайн» Julivi. «Конструктор + Раскладчик»

1/106, 1/308 Sewing laboratories The presence of a cutting table and sewing machines allows you to design and study the basic processes of manufacturing technology of garments
1/306 Laboratory of materials science and chemistry Designed to study the properties of materials for light industry products.

Main equipment.


The device for determining the stability of skin color Goniometer with Vernier.

Thickness gauge.

The USB microscope.

Drying apparatus.

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