On September 1, in every corner of our country, educational institutions open their doors to start a new academic year, and our Rudny Industrial Institute is no exception! This year became special as the studying began remotely due to a pandemic caused by a new viral infection.

The rector of the RII Nayzabekov A.B. congratulated all students, teachers on the beginning of the academic year. In his speech, he wished everyone productive work and success in their studies.

September 1st is our common holiday, because knowledge is the basis of any business, any profession and even a hobby. The knowledge gives a person confidence and freedom in choosing a life path, the opportunity to achieve success and realize their abilities. At the holiday “Knowledge”, students listened to the institution-wide online lecture “The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the guarantor of equality and justice”, dedicated to the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We met with the deans of their faculties: Kuzmin Sergey Lvovich, Shaldykova Bagit Abitovna, Akmalova Olga Adolfovna.

The leadership of our state pays great attention to youth, since youth is the strategic potential of modern Kazakhstan. Student self-government is developing very actively in our university. On September 2-4, for 1st year students, the “Freshman School” took place, where they got acquainted with the department of educational and social work (work of hobby groups and clubs by interests), got acquainted with the material and technical base of the Institute, electronic library, used online platforms , and also met with heads of departments, advisers, teaching staff.

The first-year students met and got acquainted with the activists of the student self-government of the institute, where online was held for the newly arrived children: team building, quiz, intellectual game. In addition, the people met in a park of culture and recreation, where they conducted trainings on acquaintance, disclosure of creative potential, etc.

September 9 2020 – participation in a sports and entertainment quest within the framework of the “Day of Health”, organized by the KSU “Youth Resource Center” of the Akimat of the Rudny town, acting together with the “NewRud”. TheteamofRIItook 1stplace.

23 September 2020 – online meeting within the framework of the project “Raqmet sagan, tugan el!” the program “Rukhani Zhangyru” with the winner of the project “100 new faces of Kazakhstan” – Kairat Maishev.

23 September 2020 – 4 pm. an online training seminar was held on the zoom site to explain and promote the provisions of anti-corruption legislation for university students of the Civil Alliance of the Kostanay region “GrIn” RF, acting together with the CIYP on the implementation of the project “A set of events aimed at creating an anti-corruption culture in the youth environment.”

24 September 2020 – On the basis of the Digital Hub of the Kostanay Regional University named after A. Baitursynov, the Regional Debate Tournament “POLYLOG 2020” was held, in which all universities of the Kostanay region took part.

The Department of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Kostanay region, in order to form an anti-corruption culture, on an ongoing basis conducts explanatory activities among the citizens of the region.

Within the framework of the memorandum of cooperation between the Department and the universities of the region, student clubs “SanalyUrpak” and the Schools of Integrity have been opened in the higher educational institutions of the region.

Participation from the non-commercial JSC “Rudny Industrial Institute” was attended by a delegation consisting of: Kirsanov Vadim, Lyapin Dmitry, Poretsky Dmitry – students of the AC-19at group, Bernovsky Nikita, YessetovAskar– students of the EE-19 group. The head of the delegation was senior lecturer, Ph.D. Department of EaSHD – TazhibaevRadikKhamitovich. The format of the competition is individual and by commands.

By the method of random selection, the students were offered different topics of reports and after 15 minutes of preparation they spoke to the audience.

According to the results of the jury’s voting in the team competition, RII took 3rd place. And in addition, in the individual competition, RII students took the following places: Kirsanov Vadim – 2nd place (medal, diploma and certificate in the amount of 20,000 tenge), Bernovsky Nikita – 3rd place (medal, diploma and certificate in the amount of 10,000 tenge).

28 September 2020 – online meeting on the topic “The most important thing in life is the family!”, organized by the Association of Psychologists of the Kostanay region in order to preserve and strengthen the authority of the family in the minds of young people.

Opening remarks were made by the head of the Association of Psychologists of the Kostanay region– Kalyuzhnaya U.A.

Also, an honorary member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of the Association of Business Women and a scientific expert group of the Regional Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, laureate of international and republican literary competitions – Alexandra Ilyinichna Suslova, the family of Kadyr and Maira Karzhauov, known far beyond the Kostanay region, who are the founders of the famous musical and pedagogical dynasty, cultural figures of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of three generations in this family have devoted themselves to serving the arts. For over 40 years, their beautiful voices have been heard in concerts, on radio and television.

29 September 2020 –Online meeting at the ZOOM platform in the “I choose life!” within the framework of a large-scale information and educational campaign among students of schools, colleges and universities, the purpose of which is to generate knowledge in the field of suicidology among youth.

As part of the campaign, Altynbaeva Kenzhegul Zholashibaevna, head of the Children’s and Youth Center “ARMAN” ED, regional coordinator of the project “Complex of measures for the prevention of suicide among youth,” made a welcoming speech, a social video on the topic “I choose life!” Zarina Kokozhanova, Chair of the Club of Young Entrepreneurs “Zhas Atameken”, co-founder of the Prima network of ballet schools, also spoke about her difficult life.

“I choose life!” – a new large-scale informational and educational campaign, which is being conducted by the EF “Institute of Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities of Kazakhstan” at the request of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and with the support of the non- commercial JSC “Center for Support of Civil Initiatives”.

29 September 2020 – round table on the topic “Latyn alipbiine koshudin tiimdiligi” with the invitation of representatives of the cultural department of the akimat of the town of Rudny Dosubaeva Z.B. and Dzhamburchina Z.E.

On October 1, within the celebration of the “International Day of Older People” and “Teacher’s Day”, students of the Rudny Industrial Institute organized a solemn, bright, emotional event in the online format at the ZOOM platform.

It is difficult to overestimate the profession of a teacher; they are the ones who help to know the world and find oneself in it. The celebration that took place on International Teachers Day dedicated to our dear teachers and those who are already on a well-deserved rest. Rector of the Rudny Industrial Institute, Naizabekov Abdrakhman Batyrbekovich, opening the event, congratulated his colleagues and wished good health to the representatives of the older generation.

On October 1, based on the Digital Hub of the Kostanay Regional University named after A. Baytursynov, the Regional Debate Tournament “POLYLOG 2020” (Kazakh League) was held, in which all universities of the Kostanay region took part.

Participation from the NJSC “Rudny Industrial Institute” was attended by a delegation consisting of: Sagyntai Asel – a student of the Met-20kf group, Serikova Zhanel, Kabdualiev Gusman – students of the ME-20kf group, Sergazinov Aslan, a student of the TT-20kf group, Sattar Aikanym – a student of the IS group 19kа, Abdikerov Nurzhan is a student of the ME-17ko group. The head of the delegation was the director of the educational and social work department – Zhumagaliyeva Aigul Batyrkhanovna. The format of the competition is individual and team.

According to the results of the jury’s voting, RII took 3rd place in the team competition, Nurzhan Abdikerov took 1st place in the individual competition (medal, diploma and certificate for the amount of 30,000 tenge).


On October 20, a round table was held on the topic “Entering the civil service in the conditions of improving the state apparatus”, organized by the PF “Civil Alliance of the Kostanay region “GrIn” with the support of the youth policy department of the Akimat of the Kostanay region”.

The event was held online with the participation of representatives of the Department of Civil Service Affairs, law enforcement agencies, the Anti-Corruption Service, the Department of Labor in the Kostanay region, and student youth.

Within the event, issues and problems of employment of graduates of higher educational institutions, conditions for admission to the civil service and law enforcement agencies, as well as changes related to the modernization of the state apparatus were discussed.

On October 23, an online meeting was held on the ZOOM platform with the RII students on the topic “Ruhani zhangyru in action!” The purpose of the meeting was to fully explain to the students the essence of the program of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, N. Nazarbayev, “Looking into the future: modernization of public consciousness”. In the course of the event, the students were explained a number of directions and special projects of the spiritual revival program. As you know, the program “Ruhani zhangyru” (spiritual education) includes 6 special projects: “Tugan zher”, “Sacred geography of Kazakhstan”, “Kazakhstani culture in the modern world”, “100 new textbooks”, “Translation of the Kazakh language into Latin graphics”, “ 100 new faces”, which are implemented according to four basic subprograms:“ Atameken ”, “Tarbie zhane bilim ”, “ Ruhani Kazyna” and “Akparat tolkyny ”.

As you know, the long-term quarantine measures introduced in many countries of the world in order to contain COVID-19 have negatively affected almost the entire area of ​​human and social life. According to experts, the coronavirus significantly transforms the usual way of life in many areas of society. In this regard, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan initiated the acceptance of 4 more new projects aimed at fostering pragmatism, rational skills, promoting spiritual heritage, popularizing examples of Kazakhstan people who have achieved success via hard work. New special projects “Enbek – eldin muraty”, “Kukyktyk madeniet”, “Unem – kogam kuaty”, “Dustur men ghuryp”.

During the event, the possibility of student participation in the implementation of projects within the framework of the “Spiritual Revival” program was discussed. The opinions, suggestions and recommendations on the most effective work of young people on projects were heard.

On October 27, RII hosted intra-university student online debates on the topic “Startups – an effective way to promote innovative ideas of youth.” The purpose of the debate is to increase the social and creative activity of students through public discussion and analysis of problems in Kazakhstani society. During the debates, the socio-political and socio-economic situations in Kazakhstan were discussed, and various data, materials, facts and statistics related to the promotion of startup projects among students were analyzed and presented. In online debates, our students have clearly demonstrated their position based on factual and official evidence. Although the debate was online, it was full of controversy. Each participant shared specific suggestions, which made it possible to summarize the thorough preparation and creative approach of the speakers.

10/30/2020 – participation of RII students in the cognitive and intellectual online quiz game “Til uly bailyk” – “Language is a great wealth” within the state social order “State language – the language of spiritual rebirth” State Institution “Rudny City Department of Culture and Development of Languages” of Akimat of the Rudny town, organized by the public association “Generation Z”. Our students from 14 teams took 3rd place.

11/03/20 – A seminar was held directed to increasing legal literacy, preventing corruption, increasing the level of awareness of the population about the main directions of the state policies and state programs among the population, organized by the public organization “Union of the Protection of Consumer Rights of the Kostanay Region”;

11/14-15/20 – in the Nur-Sultan city the championship on media literacy “True or False” was held within the “ReStart” project. The republican championship is organized by the Republican public association “United children and youth organization “Zhas Ulan” with the support of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan with grant funding from the NJSC “Center for Support of Civil Initiatives”. RII was represented by a team consisting of: Yunisova Anastasia, student of group Designer-18, Suleimenova Aliya, student of group Metallurgy-17, Atepileva Diana, student of group IEE-19, Bernovsky Nikita, student of group EE-19, Kalykbekov Aidos, student of group Management- 17.

According to the results of the jury’s assessment in the team competition, RII entered the top nine teams and received a certificate as the best creative team, and a certificate with a cash prize in the amount of 20,000 tenge was awarded. Each team member was awarded with diplomas and letters of thanks for active participation in this tournament.

11/20/20 – an online action “We are against harmful habits” was organized among students of the Rudny Industrial Institute. The action carried the idea of promoting a healthy lifestyle and the formation of a negative attitude towards bad habits among young people. Students of our institute posted a post on their social networks with the hashtag #weagainstharmfulhabits, in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

November 20 within the implementation of the program of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the leader of the nation N.A. Nazarbayev “Bolashakka bagdar: ruhani zhagyru. Looking into the future: modernization of public consciousness”, an interactive online platform on the topic “Sacred Belt of Kazakhstan” was organized. EaSHD department teacher, Dzhunusova S.S. organized for students a 3D display of sacred places all over Kazakhstan in virtual reality. The unusual approach made the students feel the whole picture of the sacred wealth of our homeland. Thanks to this, the students felt all the beauty of these places and experienced positive emotions from this event.

According to the UN, December 9 is the international anti-corruption day. Corruption can and should be resisted by the state, business, media, international and foreign organizations. But it is important to understand that the fight against corruption is the business of the whole society, each of us.

On the eve of Anti-Corruption Day, events were organized for students to prevent corruption.

At the Faculty of Economics and Construction, curatorial hours were held on the topic “Fighting corruption is our common duty.”

The faculty of “Electric power and information systems” among the students conducted an online quest “Zhemkorlykka kuresushi factorlar” for students of the Kazakh department.

November 15 marks the 105th anniversary of the birth of the Hero of the Soviet Union, full member of the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Corresponding Member of the RSFSR Academy of Sciences, writer, Honored Scientist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Laureate of the Sh.Ualikhanov Prize, a prominent public figure – Malik Gabdullin. In the period from 16 to 19 November 2020, curatorial hours were held on the topic “Malik Gabdullin – a man born for exploits”, as well as a round table dedicated to M. Gabdullin was held within the local history circle.

The teachers introduced the students to the life and work of Malik Gabdullin and told in detail about the heroism and exploits of the hero. They also offered to watch a film about the life and work of the hero. Based on the material presented, the young generation, using the example of Malik Gabdullin, are instilled with a sense of patriotism, strength, courage, devotion, service and love for the motherland.

In 2020, the Republican student movement “Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan” as a Republican Student Organization promoting the solution of legal, socio-economic problems of student youth and actively participating in the formation of independent Kazakhstan, implemented the project “Development of the system of youth self-government bodies” with the support of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and NJSC “Center for Support of Civil Initiatives”.

On November 6-7, on the implementation of the project “Development of the system of youth self-government bodies”, the Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan organized the events: “II meeting of the Committees for Youth Affairs” and “XVII meeting of the Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan” with the participation of: leaders of the Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan, winners of the online competition “The best youth self-government “, debate games, laureates of the” Kazakhstannyk altyn zhastary “award.

Representatives of the student parliament of our institute with the chairman Anastasia Yunisova took part in this event on the ZOOM platform.

Anastasia Yunisova, Chairperson of the Students Alliance, participated in the online competition “The Best Youth Self-Government” and was awarded by a letter of thanks for her contribution to the implementation of the project “Development of the system of youth self-government bodies”, upbringing of educated students, the formation of a civil personality, as well as for her contribution to the implementation of state policy.

From October 20 to November 10, the Youth Resource Center of the Kostanay region held an online contest “Miss Studentity 2020” among universities and colleges of the Kostanay region. The Miss Studentity 2020 competition was held online in three stages. First, the girls prepared video presentation cards, then they took part in an intellectual battle, the final test was shooting a creative video. From our university, 1st year student Margarita Magomedova took part in the competition. In the course of completing the assignments, Margarita showed her creativity, her creative resilience, thanks to which she won the Miss Style nomination.

“Language is an outstanding achievement of the people and its inalienable and inseparable feature. The development of the language is wholly and completely connected with the development of the national culture, and in this regard, the language fulfills its social function “(from the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan” On languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan “).

In the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev N.A. the following is said about trilingualism: “The future generation should know the Kazakh language as the state language, Russian as the language of interethnic communication, and English as the language of international communication.”

The state takes care of creating conditions for the study and development of the languages of the people of Kazakhstan. On November 25, 2020, within the Rukhani Zhangyru Program at the Rudny Industrial Institute, an interesting and exciting event was held on the theme “Uzge tildin barin bil, uz tilindi qurrmette”, dedicated to the native language.

Students showed deep knowledge of languages, talking about the importance of trilingualism in Kazakhstan. Students Dmitrieva Anastasia, Khusainova Danna, Alen Zarina, Absatkarova Nazerke, Asan Ayan, Sairanova Aisina, Sardarbekov Zhandos read poems in Kazakh, Russian and English and demonstrated their love for their native language.

The best support for each person is a good knowledge of the native language, its development, the ability to use the expressive means of foreign languages, because each language is extremely rich, flexible and beautiful in its own way.

Teachers-linguists, historians of the Department of EaSHD  took an active part in the event: senior teacher Sultangalieva M.D. masters Askarova R.A., Turgunova A.M., Dzhunusova S.S. The moderator was the master of the department Kenzhitaeva Zh.L.

The active participation of 1st year students allowed the event to be held at a high level. According to students, such events are very important and necessary for introducing adolescents to the literary heritage, since the native language is a treasure passed down to us by our predecessors.

On November 27, in the ZOOM platform at the Faculty of Electrical Power Engineering and Information Systems, a seminar “Spiritual and moral ideas of the thinkers of the Kazakh steppe” was held, dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of one of the largest thinkers of the medieval East, Abu Nasyr ibn Muhammad al-Farabi, who received the honorary nickname “Second teacher of mankind”. The organizer of the seminar was the deputy dean for field management of FEaIS Kadirova A.M. The following speakers spoke to the participants of the seminar: student of group LS-17 Shimova Julia and student of group LS-18 Laptova Elizaveta. The speakers touched upon the relevance of the creative and scientific heritage of al-Farabi in the 21st century, and above all for young people, about the deep meanings of his philosophy, his model of “ideal man” and “ideal society”. In their speech, the speakers noted that the great thinker al-Farabi counted on the creative role of reason, since the power of reason is capable of changing the world for the better, restoring moral and creative guidelines. Reason is a scientific instrument for the victory of good in the world, therefore for it the formation of reasonable citizens is a matter of paramount importance”.

“Assessing the spiritual heritage of al-Farabi, the President of Kazakhstan Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev called for the formation of value guidelines among the younger generation of Kazakhstanis on the basis of the views of such outstanding thinkers as al-Farabi. “Let the commandments of the ancestors live in our hearts,” the head of Kazakhstan wrote in the preface to the 15-volume book of al-Farabi, published on his anniversary. ”

On November 30, 2020, the Rudny Industrial Institute hosted an online round table “The Phenomenon of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, dedicated to December 1 – the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

A.B. Naizabekov, Chairman of the Board – Rector of NJSC «Rudny Industrial Institute», Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician, opened the event.

A virtual tour of the exposition hall dedicated to the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was conducted by V.F. Palaeva, a researcher of the Kostanay Regional Museum of History and Local Lore. The participants of the round table got acquainted with unique archival materials revealing the historical role of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation N. A. Nazarbayev in the creation of an independent democratic state.

1st year students: SagyntaiAsel Metallurgy-20 of kazakh group, Sagynbaeva Albina Metallurgy -19 of kazakh group and SayatovaAsel MP-20 of Kazakh group and teachers of the IaSHD department made reports on the personality and activities of N.A. Nazarabayev. The speakers made a short excursion into the history of the formation of independent Kazakhstan and, analyzing the stages of development of sovereign Kazakhstan, noted the loyalty of the historical choice made by the people of Kazakhstan on December 1, 1991.

In conclusion, the participants of the round table noted the historical role of the First President in the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

12/02/2020 – “Shokan halkymyzdyn zharyk zhuldyzy” under this name there was held a literary evening dedicated to the 185th anniversary of the birth of the cultural figure of our country Shokan Ualikhanov in our institute, organized by the section “Kazakh tilinin zhanashyrlary”, the head of which is a student of the 1st “Management” by Khusainov Dann.

The purpose of this event is to go through the golden pages of the biography, expand the knowledge of students about the life and work of Sh.Valikhanov, and foster a sense of patriotism.

Sh. Valikhanov’s contribution to the spiritual development of the Kazakh society is invaluable. The traveler, who was always interested in the life of the people, wrote about this in his writings. Shokan’s researches occupie a special place in the world scientific community and is relevant to this day.

During the literary evening Muratuly Bekzat read a poem about the great scientist, first-year students of RII made reports: Absatkarova Nazerke, Egizbaeva Balausa, Alen Zarina, Sagyntai Asel. Also, the event was attended by guests invited from schools and colleges of the city of Rudny. Presentations were made by: a student of the Rudny Mining Technical College Yarkina Alina, a student of the Rudny College of Technology and Service Dastanova Asylzat. The speakers introduced the students and guests to the life and work of Sh.Valikhanov, his ethnographic heritage in the context of the study of the great names of the Great Steppe, and also appreciated the contribution to the development of social sciences and humanities and other important aspects.

The participants got acquainted with the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan on the example of the life and work of an outstanding Kazakh scientist and educator – Shokan Valikhanov.

On December 2, 2020, an online conference on the topic “Opportunities and prospects of green energy” was held at the Faculty of EaIS. The conference involved the teachers of the Department of EaHPE, as well as students of the specialties Electric Power Engineering and Heat Power Engineering. The conference participants discussed the possibilities of creating and implementing green energy installations. Kazakhstan is a rapidly developing modern country with a strong strategy and ambitious plans. The next step will be the introduction of energy-saving technologies, the searching and using of alternative energy sources. One of the speakers, M.E. Nurmakhanov – a teacher of the Electro energy and heat power engineering department, told the audience about the energy that can be obtained from inexhaustible alternative sources, called “Green Energy” all over the world. Green Energy is a global brand. Such energy can be obtained from the simplest, sometimes very familiar to the human eye, phenomena: water, wind, sun, gravity and others.

December 4, 2020 there was held an open curatorial hour by curators E.M. Ormanov and Nurmakhanov M.E. at the Faculty of EaIS  on the topic “Zhemkorlykkakuresushifactorlar”. The curators noted that thanks to the political will of the Leader of the Nation, since the day of gaining state independence, Kazakhstan has consistently and purposefully implemented anti-corruption policy. The first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, N. A. Nazarbayev, in the Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050” defined the eradication of corruption as a phenomenon – one of the main priorities for joining the top 30 most competitive countries in the world. To form an effective anti-corruption system, it is necessary first of all to determine the main factors influencing its manifestation in modern conditions. Increasing the effectiveness of the state’s anti-corruption policy, involving the entire society in the anti-corruption movement by creating an atmosphere of “zero tolerance” to any manifestations of corruption and reducing the level of corruption in Kazakhstan are one of the key factors in the fight against corruption.

December 9, 2020 – International Day against Corruption has been celebrated annually on December 9, since 2004. Proclaimed by the UN General Assembly (resolution No. A / RES / 58/4 of November 21, 2003). On this day in 2003, the UN Convention against Corruption was opened for signature in Mexico.

The purpose of establishing this International Day, as set out in a General Assembly resolution, was to enhance understanding of the problem of corruption and the role of the Convention in preventing and combating corruption.

Corruption can and should be resisted by the state, business, media, international and foreign organizations. But it is important to understand that the fight against corruption is the business of the whole society, each of us.

For the organizational support of anti-corruption activities in the Rudny Industrial Institute, an Ethics Commissioner has been appointed; a commission for anti-corruption activities was created, which includes representatives of the institute, students, representatives of the public council for combating corruption at the Rudny filial of the “Nur Otan” party, as well as the city’s media. The staff of the Headquarters for the organization and holding of the “Clean Session” campaign, which includes representatives of the AMP, the teaching staff, the city’s public and students, is annually adjusted.

In order to create an effective internal quality assurance system in 2019 the Academic Council was created, which consists of the Academic Quality Committee, the Research Committee and the Ethics Committee.

The complex of anti-corruption events carried out covers educational, scientific and upbringing processes, as well as the personnel and financial policy of the university. On the eve of Anti-Corruption Day, events were organized for students to prevent corruption.

December 11-15, 2020 – the comprehensive development of our state is associated with stability and peaceful coexistence of representatives of many nationalities. During the years of independence, our young state has achieved many results in various fields, contributing to social and economic progress. The upbringing of Kazakhstani patriotism, respect for the history, culture of the native state are an integral part of the general education system in Kazakhstan.

On the eve of the Independence Day of Kazakhstan, the Rudny Industrial Institute held an online exhibition of creative works of students (drawings, collage) on the theme “Blossom my Kazakhstan”, dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Students demonstrated their creativity via paintings. Through their creativity, they conveyed how boundless the steppes of Kazakhstan are, thereby expressing love for their native land.

On December 11, 2020, at the Faculty of Energy and Information Systems in the Zoom platform, a round table “Tauelsizdik – tendes zhok bailygym” was held, organized by the Deputy Dean for Educational and upbringing work, Kadirova A.M. and curator Turgunova A.M.Valentina FyodorovnaPalaeva, First Deputy Chairperson of the Rudny City Branch of the “Nur-Otan” party, Murat Akhatovich, and representatives of the Rudny City Department of Languages Development State Institution of the Rudny AkimatDosubaevaZhanatBaltakyzy and DzhamburchinaZhannaErmanovna took part in the event, which was held in the format of a video conference.During the round table 4 reports were heard. Having acquainted the participants of the round table with the main stages of the formation of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the speakers R. Bolshakov and A. Alikhanov noted in their reports that our country had come a hard and thorny path during the formation of statehood, and remember the people who devoted their lives to the struggle for the independence of our Republic – the civic duty of every citizen of Kazakhstan. Speaker NurkasymKeldybaev told the round table participants about interesting facts from the biography of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, K.Zh. Tokayev. The atmosphere of the event contributed to the deepening of knowledge about independent Kazakhstan, the formation of a sense of civic responsibility among the participants of the round table.

12/14/2020 Due to the pandemic, almost all events dedicated to Independence Day are held online. But despite this, the students were delighted with their creative approach and a special gift. Students of the Rudny Industrial Institute launched an online music challenge on the theme “My Kazakhstan, my Earth!”, dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

12/15/2020 On the eve of the Independence Day of Kazakhstan, an online quiz on the topic “Achievements of Independent Kazakhstan” was held at the Mining and Metallurgical Faculty.

12/15/2020 Over the years of Independence, a number of major programs have been accepted and implemented. In 2013, the program “Khalyktarikhtolkynynda” was accepted, which made it possible to systematically collect and study documents from the world’s leading archives dedicated to the history of our country.

Time does not stop, which means that modernization, like history itself, is an ongoing process. On the new breakdown of eras, Kazakhstan has a unique historical chance to build its own better future through renewal and new ideas. In the new reality, the inner striving for renewal is the key principle of our development.

The digital library of the Rudny Industrial Institute hosted an exhibition on the topic “Historical biography of Kazakhstan”, dedicated to the 555th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate.

Thanks to the program “Khalyktarikhtolkynynda”, it was established that the true statehood of our country dates back to 1465, when the Kazakh Khanate was formed. The specialists of the digital library, together with the Department of the Information and Socio-Humanitarian disciplines, selected and presented books, studies and scientific works revealing the theme of the origins of Kazakh statehood.

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