On September 1, in every corner of our country, educational institutions open their doors to start a new academic year, and our Rudny Industrial Institute was no exception!

At the beginning of the school year, all the students and teachers were congratulated by the RII Rector, A.B. Nayzabekov. In his speech, he wished everyone productive work and academic success.

September 1 is our common holiday, because knowledge is the basis of any business, any profession, or even a hobby. It gives a person a confidence and a freedom in choosing a life path, the opportunity to succeed and realize their abilities. Those who give students this knowledge attended the festival of “Knowledge”. The dean of the faculty of energy and information systems, Shaldykova Bagit Abitovna and the senior teacher, Sultangalieva Marziya Dauletshaevna, spoke on behalf of the faculty.

The leadership of our state pays a great attention to youth, since youth is a strategic potential of modern Kazakhstan. Student slef-government is developing very actively in our university. A congratulatory speech was spoken by a 4th year student of the Faculty of Economics and Construction, Zhanabaev Nursultan. He wished students good luck in their student life, creative inspiration, and academic success.

Then, according to the “Knowledge Day 2019” program, 2-4-year students had nationwide lecture hours on the topic “The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the guarantor of equality and justice”, dedicated to the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan and “Look into the future: modernization of public consciousness”. And first-year students met and became friends with activists of student self-government of the institute. And the final point of the “Knowledge Day” program was the holding of the “1st year Sudent School 2019”, where seminars, acquaintance workshops, creative potential and etc. were held for newly arrived students.

With the purpose of explaining the provisions of the Latin alphabet for teachers, students and employees of RII on the 8st of November 2019  in the main building of the Institute, room 249 N. K. Mukaeva the teacher of the Department Engineering and Social-Humanitarian Disciplines hold a practical seminar on the theme «Jańa álipbı – ulttyń rýhanı damýna bastar jol».

The practical seminar «Jańa álipbı – ulttyń rýhanı damýna bastar jol» was attended by about 90 students. The seminar was attended by teachers, students and staff of RII.

The main purpose of this seminar is a practical acquaintance with the new spelling rules of the Kazakh alphabet on the Latin basis and the formation of skills of literate writing in the Latin alphabet.

Moderator:   N. K. Mukaeva a teacher of the Department of Engineering and Social-Humanitarian Disciplines

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