Department of construction and construction materials science

The main forms of international cooperation of the Department of CaBMS.

Participation in the German-Kazakh project «Strategic Alliance in dual education in Kazakhstan» for colleges and universities of Kazakhstan in construction specialties. The project is patronized by the German society for international cooperation, KNAUF.

The Department maintains long-term creative relations with Belgorod state technological University (BSTU) named after Shukhov V.

Publications of scientific works of PPP in foreign publications
TS participation in International scientific and practical conferences.

Training of senior lecturer Tazhibaeva D. in graduate school of South Ural state University.

Participation of students in the annual international festivals of architecture, construction and design schools of Eurasia, in the open BIM-championship
Professor Miryuk O. is a member of editorial boards of scientific journals «Ecology and construction» – Russia; «East West» Association for Advanced Studies and Higher Education GmbH-Austria.

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