Coordinating Council


About Council

The Coordinating Council for Educational Work (hereinafter referred to as the Council) is a collegial organ for managing the educational process, performing regulatory and coordinating functions at the institute level.

The composition of the Council is annually approved by order of the rector of the institute. The Chairman of the Council is the Director of the Department of Educational and Social Work, which carries out work planning and monitors the implementation of the Council’s work plans.

The main goal of the Council is to improve and improve the quality and effectiveness of methodological and organizational work to educate students at the institute.

Council functions

— ensuring long-term and current planning of educational work and its implementation at faculties and at the institute as a whole;

— development of proposals and recommendations for improving the system of educational work, its financial and personnel support, preparation of methodological and regulatory documentation on the organization of educational work;

— promoting the work of student councils, centers and associations;

— coordination of the activities of the Council of Faculty Curators, curators of academic groups.

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