Financial report


Pay rise of the academic teaching members and staff is one of the ways to improve their professional level.

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On State Property”, Rudny Industrial Institute has developed its own system of payment for academic teaching members and staff.

Teaching staff and employees of the institute have the opportunity to receive extra payment. Bonuses following public holidays and anniversaries are paid during the year; financial assistance is paid as well.

Monthly assessment of the current activities of the faculty and staff is carried out; according to its results the increasing coefficients to the base salary are established.

 In order to stimulate the growth of qualifications, professional activity, as well as current self-esteem, a personal rating of teachers and employees’ activity is carried out at the end of the year; a final bonus is paid based on its result.

Over the past three years, the salary was increased in the following way:

01.01.2018 up to 7-17%

01.01.2019 up to 10-25%

09.01.2019 up to 10-25%.

The average salary of institute’s teachers exceeds the average salary in the region by 43%.

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