Institute history

Institute history

History of the institute in landmarks

June 30, 1954

Establishing of the town of Rudny

History of Rudny Industrial Institute is closely intertwined with the history of the largest mining and processing enterprise in the region - JSC  Sokolov-Sarbay Mining and Processing Production Association (formerly Sokolovsko-Sarbaysky Mining and Processing Plant). On June 30th, 1954, the USSR Council of Ministers decided to start construction of Sokolovsko-Sarbaysky Mining Plant (SSGOK) and the town of Rudny on the basis of Sokolov and Sarbay magnetite ore deposits. About 20 thousand of young people from different parts of our country came to Rudny for a large construction site of a giant of the mining industry. In order to create necessary conditions for these young people to receive higher education in May 1959, management of Sokolovsko-Sarbaysky mining and enrichment plant and Sokolrudstroy trust appealed to the CPSU Central Committee, and Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education to organize training of engineering personnel on the spot.
June 25, 1959

Extramural Faculty of KazMMI

June 25th, 1959 in the town of Rudny on the basis of Sokolovsko-Sarbaysky GOK, the extramural faculty of Kazakh State Mining and Metallurgical Institute (KazMMI) was opened. Plyaskin I.I., a candidate of technical sciences, a graduate of Kazakh State Mining and Metallurgical Institute was the first dean of the faculty.  In autumn of 1959, 100 of engineers and technicians of SSGOK became first students of the extramural faculty.

August 22, 1962

Industrial faculty of KazMM

On August 22nd, 1962, by the order of the Ministry of the Kazakh SSR No. 802, the evening faculty is reorganized into the industrial faculty of the Kazakh State Mining and Metallurgical Institute and transferred to an independent balance.

Opening of the extramural industrial faculty of KazMMI in the town of Rudny on the basis of Sokolov-Sarbai Mining and Processing Plant was the beginning of development of evening and correspondence education on the periphery in Kazakhstan. The number of students at the faculty was more than 500 students.

March 5, 1964

Branch of Kazakh Polytechnic Institute

On March 5th, 1964, by the order of the MSSSE of the Kazakh SSR No. 175, the industrial department of KazPI is transformed into a branch of Kazakh Polytechnic Institute (KazPTI).

In 1966, construction of a specialized training and laboratory building and dormitory was started. Students also took an active part in the process of construction.

In February 1973, students’ hostel for 784 beds with a built-in canteen for 100 seats was put into operation.

At the end of 1972-1973 academic year, the training and laboratory building for 1,500 places with a total area of ​​11.4 thousand m2 was commissioned.

January 1, 1978

Rudny Industrial Institute

On January 1st, 1978, by the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR №765, the branch of KazPTI becomes the fifty-third independent educational institution in Kazakhstan - Rudny Industrial Institute.

At the end of the 1970s, Rudny Industrial Institute was practically the one technical university in the entire northwestern region of the Kazakh SSR, was defined as the main base for training engineering and technical staff for mining, construction and energy industries of industrial production. In the difficult years of independent Kazakhstan formation, when the demand for engineers was reduced, nevertheless it was possible to preserve main personnel potential and material base of RII.

present tense

RII at present

At present, Rudny Industrial Institute is a modern scientific and educational complex in the field of technical sciences with a developed infrastructure.

In the structure of the institute there are 3 faculties (mining and metallurgical faculty, faculty of energy and information systems, faculty of economics and construction), 7 departments. Students are trained in 18 undergraduate majors in the Kazakh and Russian languages; full-time, evening and correspondence modes of studies based on secondary, technical and vocational, higher education.

Over the years, more than 25 thousand specialists with higher education have been trained at Rudny Industrial Institute, many of them have become leaders, businessmen, government officials and outstanding scientists.

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